Table 2

Particulate guanylyl cyclase isoforms, ligand and cofactor specificities, chromosomal localization, and tissue distribution

ReceptorLigand(s)CofactorsChromosome Location2-aTissue Distribution
GC-A (NPR-A)ANP, BNPATP1q21–q22 (Lowe et al., 1990b)2-b Adipose tissue, adrenal gland, ileum, kidney, placenta (Lowe et al., 1989); adrenal gland, cerebellum, heart, kidney, pituitary (Wilcox et al., 1991); lamina propria (Li and Goy, 1993); cochlea (Furuta et al., 1995); thymus (Vollmar et al., 1996); ovary (Jankowski et al., 1997)
GC-B (NPR-B)CNPATP9p12–p21 (Lowe et al., 1990b)Placenta (Chang et al., 1989); adrenal medulla, cerebellum, pituitary (Wilcox et al., 1991); adrenal gland, aorta, atrium, cerebellum, lung, intestine, pituitary, testis, ventricle (Ohyama et al., 1992); uterus/oviduct (Chrisman et al., 1993); thymus (Vollmar et al., 1996); ovary (Jankowski et al., 1997)
GC-CST, Guanylin, Uroguanylin12p12 (Mann et al., 1996b)Intestinal mucosa (Li and Goy, 1993); regenerating liver (Laney et al., 1994)
GC-D?11p15.4 or 11q13–q14.12-c (Yang et al., 1996)Olfactory epithelium (Fülle et al., 1995)
GC-E (Ret GC-1)?GCAP 1,2,317p13.1 (Oliveira et al., 1994)Retina, pineal gland (Yang et al., 1995)
GC-F (Ret GC-2)?GCAP 2,3Xq22 (Yang et al., 1996)Retina (Yang et al., 1995)
GC-G?10q24–q26c (Schulz et al., 1998b)Intestine, kidney, lung, skeletal muscle (Schulz et al., 1998b)
  • 2-a  Human chromosome location.

  • 2-b  References.

  • 2-c  Inferred from mouse chromosomal assignment.