Biological actions of the oxo-eicosatetraenoic acids

Assay Assay/Function Main Ligands Reference
In vivo
Intact PMNs (human) Chemotaxis and calcium mobilization 5-oxo-ETE O'Flaherty and Nishihira., 1987
5-HETE O'Flaherty et al., 1988
15-oxo-hydroxy-ETE, O'Flaherty et al., 1990
5-oxo-15-hydroxy-ETE, O'Flaherty et al, 1993
5-hydroxy-15-oxo-ETE, Powell et al., 1993
5,15,diHETE, Powell et al., 1995
5-oxo-EPE Powell et al., 1996
O'Flaherty et al., 1993
O'Flaherty et al., 1994
Falgueyret et al., 2000
PMN membranes (human) 3[H]-5-oxo-ETE binding 5-oxo-ETE O'Flaherty et al., 1998
O'Flaherty et al., 2000
Primed intact PMNs (human) [TNFα, PAF, Cytochalsin B; GM-CSF or G-CSF] Degranulation (lysozyme, β-glucuronidase, O2 production) 5-oxo-ETE O'Flaherty et al., 1985
5-HETE O'Flaherty et al., 1993
O'Flaherty and Rossi, 1993
O'Flaherty et al., 1996
Czech et al., 1997
Eosinophils (human) Chemotaxis and calcium mobilization 5-oxo-ETE Schwenk et al., 1992
5-oxo-EPE Powell et al., 1995
5-oxo-15-HETE Schwenk and Schröder, 1995
5-oxo-ETE-methyl ester Powell et al., 1995
Monocytes (human) Chemotaxis 5-oxo-ETE Sozzani et al., 1996
5-oxo-15-OH- ETE Zhang et al., 1996
PC3 cells (human prostate) Cell proliferation (increase) 5-HETE O'Flaherty, et al., 2002
Epithelial cells (Guinea-pig jejunum) Isotonic cell volume (reduction) 5-oxo-ETE Macleod et al., 1999
In vivo
Rat (tracheal instillation) Lung eosinophil chemotaxis 5-oxo-ETE Yu et al., 1995
Stamatiou et al., 1998