Summary of the crystal structures of six mammalian membrane proteins

Namea Isolation Number of Transmembrane Helices Possible Functional Oligomerization
Bovine rhodopsin Bovine rod photoreceptor outer segment 7/monomer Dimer
Rat Kv1.2K+ channel Coexpressed with β subunit in yeast 7/monomer Tetramer
Bovine aquaporin 0 Fresh bovine eye lens 8/monomer Tetramer
Rabbit Ca2+-ATPase Rabbit hind leg muscle 10/monomer Monomer
Human LTC4S Expressed in fission yeast 4/monomer Homotrimer
Human FLAP Expressed in E. coli 4/monomer Homotrimer
  • a Structures were from the following: bovine rhodopsin from Palczewski et al. (2000), rat Kv1.2K+ channel from Long et al. (2005a), bovine aquaporin 0 from Harries et al. (2004), rabbit Ca2+-ATPase from Toyoshima and Mizutani (2004) and Toyoshima and Nomura (2002), human LTC4S from Molina et al. (2007), and human FLAP from Ferguson et al. (2007)