Adjuvant analgesic

Drug and DoseMethodCommentReferences
    3-day treatment with gabapentin 300 mg/day and then 600 mg/day for 2 daysMechanical distension of rectum in 40 patients with diarrhea-predominant IBS.Pressure pain thresholds increased.Lee et al. (2005)
    3 weeks' oral pregabalin titrated to a final dose of 200 mg ×3Rectal distension in 26 patients with IBS with rectal hypersensitivity.Pregabalin increased the sensory thresholds for first sensation and moderate pain.Houghton et al. (2007)
    Escalating doses of pregabalin (300–600 mg/day) for 3 weeksElectrical stimulation of the sigmoid with recording of corresponding evoked brain potentials in 13 patients with painful chronic pancreatitis.Increase in pain threshold to electrical gut stimulation. No differences in evoked brain potential characteristics were seen.Olesen et al. (2011)
    75 mg daily in 32 weeksPressure pain stimulations at the dorsum of a finger and of the temporal region of the head as well as electrical stimulation of the labial commissure of the mouth in 33 patients with chronic tension-type headache.No significant effects.Bendtsen and Jensen (2000)
    75 mg daily for 6 weeksMechanical pressure pain applied to vertex of the head in 24 patients with chronic tension-type headache.The experimental pain sensitivity for mild and moderate mechanically induced pressure pain was not altered. Reduction in suprathreshold pain sensitivity for severe pain.Göbel et al. (1994)
    10 mg daily in 2 monthsLaser pulse stimulation in 18 patients with chronic tension-type headache.The pain rating of laser stimulus was not different at any of the stimulated sites. The amplitude of P2 response elicited by stimulation of pericranial zones showed a Tommaso et al. (2006)
    50 mg daily for 4 weeksCerebral activation during rectal distension was assessed with fMRI in 19 patients with IBS.No effect on rectal pain during distension. Reduced pain related cerebral activations in the perigenual ACC and the left posterior parietal cortex, but only during stress.Morgan et al. (2005)
    10 mg at bedtime for 2 weeks, then 25 mg at bedtime for 4 weeksRectal distension in 12 patients with IBS.Pain threshold to rectal distension increased.Poitras et al. (2002)
    50 mg for 4 weeksEsophageal distention in seven patients with functional dyspepsia.No significant effect.Mertz et al. (1998)
    25 mg for 1 week, then 50 mg for 3 weeksCardiac pain stimulation by right ventricular electrical stimulation and esophageal balloon distension in 22 patients with noncardiac chest pain.Significant reduction in the prevalence of chest pain provoked by right ventricular electrical stimulation. No change in esophageal sensitivity to balloon distention.Cannon et al. (1994)
    20 mg daily for 6 weeksRectal distension in 40 patients with IBS.No significant effect.Kuiken et al. 2003
  • ACC, anterior cingulate cortex.