Genes identified as involved in mediating cisplatin resistance by gene transfer or siRNA inhibition

All genes confer cisplatin resistance, except G-catenin and CTR1, which confer sensitivity to cisplatin

TMEM205UpGene transferShen et al., 2010
RAB8UpGene transferShen and Gottesman, 2012
GCF2/LRRFIP1aUpGene transfer/siRNAShen et al., 2012
PCAF (p300/CBP-associated factor)UpGene transferHirano et al., 2010
G-cateninDownGene transferLiang et al., 2004
Nrf2UpsiRNACho et al., 2008
HSP10, 27, 60 70, 90UpGene transfer/gene expressionMandic et al., 2003; Zhao and Houry, 2005; Shen et al., 2006
RPL36UpGene transferShen et al., 2006
SIRT1UpGene transfer/siRNALiang et al., 2008
CTR1DownGene knockoutHowell et al., 2010
ATP7A/BUpGene transferOwatari et al., 2007; Safaei et al., 2008
Tip60UpKnockdownMiyamoto et al., 2008
TWIST, SnailUpsiRNAZhuo et al., 2008a,b
  • a GCF2/LRRFIP1 is shown to be upregulated in CP-r cells, repressing the expression of the microfilament regulator RhoA, disrupting trafficking of transporters to the cell surface, and conferring resistance to cisplatin.