Phytochemicals that modify neurotrophic factor signaling

PhytochemicalTarget Tissue/CellsEffectsInvolved Molecular MechanismReference
RutinFrontal cortex of rat brainNeuroprotective effects against neurotoxicity of AβIncreased BDNF, pCREBMoghbelinejad et al. (2014)
CurcuminHippocampus and frontal cortexEffects on the neurotrophin factor expressionIncreased BDNF, pCREBXu et al. (2006b)
β-amyloid–induced ratsPrevent behavioral impairments, neuroinflammation, and τ hyperphosphorylationIncreased BDNF and Akt/GSK-3βHoppe et al. (2013)
TNFR1 and TNFR2 double knockout miceProtect cultured neurons against glutamate-induced excitotoxicity by TNFR2 activationIncreased BDNFKawamoto et al. (2013)
Increase levels of phosphor-ERK and AktIncreased BDNF, pCREBWang et al. (2010c)
ResveratrolPrefrontal cortex and hippocampusEffective in promoting astroglia-derived neurotrophic factor releaseIncreased BDNF, GDNFZhang et al. (2012a)
Hippocampus of prenatally stressed ratImprove the expression of DCX-positive neuronIncreased BDNFMadhyastha et al. (2013)
Hippocampus neural progenitor cellsDeficits in hippocampus-dependent spatial learning and memoryDecreased BDNF-pCREB signalingPark et al. (2012a)
Ferulic acidHippocampus (CORT-treated mice and stress-induced depression-like behavior of mice)Effects on the mood disorders such as depressionIncreased BDNF mRNAYabe et al. (2010)
Lancemaside AHippocampusAmeliorate memory and learning deficitsIncreased BDNF, pCREBJung et al. (2012)
HeptamethoxyflavoneHippocampus after ischemiaInduce BDNF production in astrocytes and enhance neurogenesis after brain ischemiaIncreased BDNF, pCREBOkuyama et al. (2012)
Oroxylin APrimary cortical neuronal culture cellResponsible for the neuroprotective or memory-enhancing effectsIncreased BDNF expressionJeon et al. (2011)
HippocampusAttenuate the memory impairment and show neuroprotective effectsIncreased BDNF, pCREBKim et al. (2006)
ProcyanidinsHippocampus and cerebral cortexEnhance CREB-dependent transcription through the activation of ERK signaling pathwayIncreased pCREBXu et al. (2010a)
Bilobalide and quercetinMice model of AD (hippocampus)Increase cell proliferation in the hippocampal neurons/enhance neurogenesis and synaptogenesisIncreased pCREBTchantchou et al. (2009)
CatechinSenescence-accelerated mouse prone-8 (hippocampus)Prevent spatial learning and memory decline of SAMP8 mice by decreasing Aβ (1-42) oligomers and upregulating synaptic plasticity-related proteinsIncreased BDNF, pCREBLi et al. (2009)
Olive polyphenolsHippocampus, olfactory, striatum, and frontal cortexNGF and BDNF elevation in the hippocampus and olfactory bulbs and a decrease in the frontal cortex and striatumIncreased BDNF, NGFDe Nicoló et al. (2013)
C-dideoxyhexosyl flavonesPC12 cellsNeurite outgrowth enhancing activitiesIncreased NGFXu et al. (2013)
BaicaleinC17.2 cells hippocampusProtect NPCs against irradiation-induced necrotic cell death and the spatial learning and memory retention deficits after whole-brain irradiationIncreased BDNF-pCREB signalingOh et al. (2013)
Diallyl disulfideHippocampus NPCDecreased the proliferation of NPCs in the dentate gyrus adverse effects on hippocampal neurogenesis and neurocognitive functionsDecreased BDNF-pCREB signalingJi et al. (2013)
  • CORT, corticosterone; DCX, doublecortin; NPC, neural progenitor cell; pCREB, phosphorylated CREB; TNFR, tumor necrosis factor receptor.