Phytochemicals that modify the HIF-1α signaling pathway

PhytochemicalTarget Tissue/CellsEffectsInvolved Molecular MechanismReference
EGCGNonsmall cell lung cancer cells and A549 xenografted tumors of nude miceInhibit angiogenesisInhibition of HIF-1αHe et al. (2013)
Human pancreatic carcinoma cellsInhibit cell proliferationInhibition of HIF-1αZhu et al. (2012)
Rat kidneyBlock iron uptakePrevented HIF-1α hydroxylation by prolyl hydroxylase inhibitionManalo et al. (2011)
3,3′-diindolylmethaneHypoxic tumor cellsInteract mitochondrialF1 F0-ATPase and increased ROS and O2Reduced HIF-1αRiby et al. (2008)
Ferulic acidHUVECsAugment angiogenesisUpregulation of HIF-1αLin et al. (2010)
HonokiolHUVECsPromote angiogenesisInhibition of HIF pathwayVavilala et al. (2012)
LuteolinHuman retinal microvascular endothelial cellsInhibit retinal neovascularizationSuppressed HIF-1α expressionPark et al. (2012b)
Naringenin and quercetinHypoxia-induced mice modelAmeliorate hypoxia-induced brain dysfunctionDecreased HIF-1αSarkar et al. (2012)
Salvia miltiorrhizaHuman gastric cancer cells and human hepatocarcinoma cellsAnticancer activitySuppressed HIF-1α accumulationDat et al. (2007)
SilibininSKH1 hairless micePrevent UVB-induced photocarcinogenesisDecreased HIF-1αGu et al. (2007)
Ischemic stroke modelReduce infarct volume and brain edemaUpregulation of HIF-1αWang et al. (2012a)
Soy-containing dietsAcute stroke in female ratsDecrease the expression of apoptotic mediatorInhibition of HIF-1α activityMa et al. (2013)
QuercetinHuman breast cancer cellsInhibit cell proliferation and invasionSuppressed the expression of HIF-1αLi et al. (2013b)
Gastric cancer cellsInduce apoptotic cell deathModulation of HIF-1αWang et al. (2011b)
WogoninAcute UVB-irradiated hairless miceReduce skin damageInhibition of HIF-1αKimura and Sumiyoshi (2011)
  • HUVEC, human umbilical vein endothelial cell.