Potential therapeutic application of EP2 agonists

AgonistRouteDoseSpeciesExperimental ModelIndicationReference
AH 13205Aerosol0.1–3 nMGuinea pigsHistamine induced bronchoconstrictionAsthmaNials et al., 1993
ButaprostTissue culture vs. oxytocin10−6 M infusionHumanIsolated human uterine specimens from pregnant and nonpregnant donorsPrevention of preterm labor; dysmenorrhoeaDuckworth et al., 2002
ButaprostTopical (ocular)0.1%MonkeyLaser-induced glaucomatous monkeyGlaucomaNilsson et al., 2006
CP 533536Local implant10, 50, 100 mg/mlDogCanine ulnar critical defectFracture healingParalkar et al., 2003
CP 533536Topical (ocular)0.01–0.1%Dog, monkeyLaser-induced glaucomatous monkeyGlaucomaWoodward and Chen, 2007