Potential therapeutic application of DP1 agonists

DP1 AgonistRouteDoseSpeciesExperimental ModelIndicationReference
572C85 192C86Topical2–250 μgRabbit, catIntraocular pressureGlaucomaMatsugi et al., 1995
AL-6598Topical0.01%MonkeyIntraocular pressureGlaucomaToris et al., 2006
BW 245CIntrathecal83 ng/kg (IC50)MouseNociceptin-induced allodyniaChronic painMinami et al., 1997
BW 245CTopical2.5 μgRabbitIntraocular pressureGlaucomaGoh et al., 1988
BW 245CTopical50 μMMouseEpicutaneous sensitization to OVAAtopic dermatitisAngeli et al., 2004
BW 245CIntratracheal100 μMMouseOVA-alum asthmaAsthmaHammad et al., 2007
BW 245C1–1000 nMRatCell/tissue cultureNeurodegenerative diseasesLiang et al., 2005b
BW 245CIn vitro+ (−/− DP1 mice)0.05–5 μMMouseIschemia-reperfusion injuryCerebral ischemic disordersSaleem et al., 2007b
BW 245CTopical0.01–1%RabbitIntraocular pressureGlaucomaWoodward et al., 1990
BW 245C AS 702224IntracavernosalBW 245C, 59 nM; AS 702224, 29 nM (EC50 in isolated human tissue)Rabbit, rat, human cavernosal tissuePenile tumescenceErectile dysfunctionBrugger et al., 2008
SQ-27986Topical2.5–25 μgRabbitIntraocular pressureGlaucomaWoodward et al., 1993
SQ-27986Topical1–30 μgMonkeyIntraocular pressureGlaucomaCrawford et al., 1992
TS-022Topical2.5 → 250 nMMouseNC/Nga miceAtopic dermatitisArai et al., 2007
  • AL-6598, 2-[[(2Z)-4-[(1R,2R,3R,5R)-5-chloro-2-[(3R)-3-cyclohexyl-3- hydroxypropyl]-3-hydroxycyclopentyl]-2-buten-1-yl]oxy]-1-methylethyl ester, acetic acid.