Table 5

Drugs with slow rates of red blood cell partitioning in humans5-a

Acetazolamide Wallace and Riegelmann (1977)
Arbutine Matsumoto et al. (1989)
Bumetamide Chang et al. (1988)
Creatinine Skalski et al. (1978)
Darstine Schanker et al. (1961)
Desethyldorzolamide Hasegawa et al. (1996)
Digoxigenin digitoxoside Hinderling (1984a)
Digoxin-16′-glucuronide Hinderling (1984a)
Epinephrine Schanker et al. (1961)
Gentamycin Lee et al. (1981a)
Hippuric acid Schanker et al. (1964)
Metformin Noel (1979)
Tucker et al. (1981)
Norepinephrine Schanker et al. (1961)
p-Aminohippuric acid Schanker et al. (1961)
Papaverine Garrett et al. (1978)
Penicillin G Kornguth and Kunin (1976)
Matsumoto et al. (1989)
Phenol red Schanker et al. (1964)
Serotonin Schanker et al. (1961)
Sulfosalicylic acid Schanker et al. (1964)
Tacrolimus Beysens et al. (1991)
Tetracycline Jun and Lee (1980)
Tucaresol Rolan et al. (1993)
Vancomycin Shin et al. (1992)
  • 5-a Time to 90% of equilibrium between red blood cells and plasma or buffer >30 seconds. Only drugs with significant red blood cell partitioning are considered.