The SLC6 transporters

Human GeneUniProt NameaEndogenous SubstrateTissue DistributionLink to Disease
SLC6A1GAT1GABABrain, peripheral nervous systemEpilepsy, schizophrenia, anxiety
SLC6A2NETNorepinephrineBrain, peripheral nervous system, adrenal gland, placentaDepression, orthostatic intolerance, anorexia nervosa, cardiovascular diseases
SLC6A3DATDopamineBrainParkinson's disease, Tourette syndrome, ADHD, addiction
SLC6A4SERTSerotoninBrain, peripheral nervous system, placenta, epithelium, plateletsAnxiety, depression, autism, gastrointestinal disorders, premature ejaculation, obesity
SLC6A5GLYT2GlycineBrain, spinal cordPain, spasticity
SLC6A6TAUTTaurineBrain, retina, liver, kidney, heart, spleen, pancreasTaurine deficiency diseases, retinal blindness, abnormal renal development
SLC6A8CT1CreatineUbiquitousCreatine deficiency syndrome, mental retardation, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiomyopathy
SLC6A9GLYT1GlycineBrain, pancreas, uterus, stomach, spleen, liver, retinaSchizophrenia
SLC6A12BGT1Betaine, GABABrain, kidneyEpilepsy
SLC6A13GAT2GABABrain, liver, kidneyEpilepsy
SLC6A14ATB0+Neutral, cationic amino acidsLung, trachea, salivary gland, mammary gland, stomach, pituitary gland
SLC6A15NTT73Large neutral amino acidsBrain
SLC6A16NTT5UnknownTestis, pancreas, prostate
SLC6A17NTT4Neutral amino acidsBrain
SLC6A18B0AT3Neutral amino acidsKidney
SLC6A19B0AT1Neutral amino acidsIntestineHartnup disorder
SLC6A20XTRP3Proline, pipecolate, sarcosineBrain, kidney, small intestine, thymus, spleen, ovary, lung
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  • b SLC6A10 has been proposed to be a pseudo gene duplicated from SLC6A8 because of the presence of a stop codon located in exon 4 of the gene (Eichler et al., 1997; Höglund et al., 2005).