Table 1

Free energy of ligand/protein interactions according to Kdand appropriate examples of anesthetic-like compounds for each range

Kd, MΔG°, kcal/molAnestheticReference
1.000Methanol Alifimoff et al. (1989)
0.1−1.4−1.4Ethanol Alifimoff et al. (1989)
0.01−2.7−2.8Diethylether Franks and Lieb (1993)
0.001−4.1−4.3Chloroform Franks and Lieb (1994)
0.0001−5.5−5.7Halothane Franks and Lieb (1994)
0.00001−6.8−7.1Barbiturates Franks and Lieb (1994)
0.000001−8.2−8.5Propofol Franks and Lieb (1994)
0.00000001−10.9−11.4Opiates Kosterlitz and Waterfield (1975)