Table 10

Splice variant codes10-a

It is proposed that the splice variants will be numbered chronologically according to identification within a species, e.g., EP3receptors for prostaglandins (Coleman et al., 1994;Narumiya, 1996) can be coded as:
  2.1.PG.EP3.OCU.01, etc.
Splice variants for a given receptor may have been identified in one species but not in others, e.g., two mouse splice variants have been demonstrated unequivocally for the somatostatin sst2 receptor but not for the human orthologue (Vanetti et al., 1993;Schindler et al., 1996). They can be coded as:
  • 10-a No code for trinucleotide repeats is recommended; these can be described in the text associated with the relevant RC.