Table 1

Cytochrome P450 content

(nmol/mg protein)   
RatProximal tubule0.014 Cojocel et al., 1983
RatMicrosomes0.14 Toftgard and Nilsen,  1982
RatMicrosomes0.15 Funae et al., 1985
RatMicrosomes0.09 Hasamura et al., 1983
RatMicrosomes0.07 McMartin et al., 1981
RatMicrosomes0.07 Jollie and Manes,  1985
RatCortical  microsomes0.13 Orrhenius et al., 1973
RatCortical  microsomes0.08 Kuo et al., 1982
RabbitMicrosomes0.18 Liem et al., 1980
RabbitMicrosomes0.10 Ding et al., 1986
RabbitCortical  microsomes0.11 Kuo et al., 1982
RabbitCortical  microsomes0.10 Mohandas et al.,  1981b
RabbitOuter medulla  microsomes0.01 Mohandas et al.,  1981b
HamsterCortical  microsomes0.8 Liehr et al., 1987
HamsterMicrosomes0.25 Smith et al., 1986
Guinea pigMicrosomes0.13 Smith et al., 1986