Table 4

Induction of glucuronidation in the kidney

3,4 benzpyreneO-aminophenol1.0 Hanninen and Aitio, 1968
Cinchophen3.2–4.6 Fry et al., 1978
Cinchophen4-MUF1.4 Hanninen and Aitio, 1968
3-MC p-nitrophenol1.6 Aitio, 1973
3-MC p-nitrophenol1.9 Yokota and Yuasa, 1990
3-MC p-nitrophenol1.5 Aitio et al., 1972
3-MCO-aminophenol1.0 Fry et al., 1978
3-MCO-aminophenol1.0 Hanninen and Aitio, 1968
3-MC4-MUF1.6 Yokota et al., 1989
3-MC1-naphthol2.0 Rush and Hook, 1984
B-naphthoflavone p-nitrophenol2.5 Rush and Hook, 1984
B-naphthoflavone4-MUF2.0 Rush and Hook, 1984
B-naphthoflavone1-naphthol2.0 Rush and Hook, 1984
B-naphthoflavone4-hydroxybiphenyl4.0 Yokota et al., 1989
B-naphthoflavoneBilirubin2.0 Coughtrie et al., 1987
B-naphthoflavoneEstradiol1.6 Coughtrie et al., 1987
B-naphthoflavone1-napthol3.0 Coughtrie et al., 1987
B-naphthoflavone4-nitrophenol3.0 Coughtrie et al., 1987
B-naphthoflavonePhenol3.0 Coughtrie et al., 1987
Phenobarbital4-nitrophenol1.0 Yokota and Yuasa, 1990
PhenobarbitalO-aminophenol1.0 Hanninen and Aitio, 1968
Phenobarbital1-naphthol1.0 Yokota et al., 1989
PhenobarbitalO-aminophenol1.0 Fry et al., 1978
Salicyclic acidO-aminophenol1.8 Fry et al., 1978
Salicyclic acidO-aminophenol1.8 Hanninen and Aitio, 1968
TCDD4-MUF1.4 Aitio and Parkki, 1978
TCDDParacetamol1.8 Bock et al., 1993
TCDD p-nitrophenol5.4 Hook et al., 1975
Trans-stilbene p-nitrophenol2.5 Rush and Hook, 1984
Oxide4-MUF2.1 Rush and Hook, 1984
  • 3-a I/C = ratio of induced UGT activity to control UGT activity.