Table 10

Distinguishing pharmacological characteristics of P2 receptors

P2X receptorsDesensitizationα,β-meATP sensitivityPPADS sensitivitySuramin sensitivity
P2X1 RapidYesYesYes
P2X2 SlowYesYes
P2X3 RapidYesYesYes
P2X4 Slow
P2X5 SlowYesYes
P2X6 Slow
P2X2P2X3 SlowYesN.D.N.D.
P2Y receptors Agonist sensitivity
P2Y1 YesYesYes
P2Y2 YesYes
P2Y4 Yes11-a Yes
P2Y6 Yes
P2Y11 YesYes
P2Y ADP 11-b Yes
Endogenous uridine nucleotide-specificYesYes
  • —, weak or inactive; N.D., not determined.

  • 11-a Rat, but not human. P2Y4 receptor is sensitive to ATP = UTP.

  • 11-b ATP is a competitive antagonist.

  • Lower case is used to designate the p2y3 receptor in recognition that it is a nonmammalian (chick) receptor and may be the homolog of the mammalian P2Y6 receptor.