Table 7

Changes in selected markers (neuropeptides, enzymes, receptors) of rat primary sensory neurons following RTX (single s.c. dose) or capsaicin (cumulative s.c. dose) treatment as well as axotomy

 CGRPDepletedNo major changesDepleted
 CCKDepletedNo major changesUp-regulated
 SomatostatinDepletedNo major changesDepleted
Neuronal enzyme
 C-type VRDepletedDepletedDepleted
 R-type VRDepletedDepletedNo major changes

Resiniferatoxin (300–500 μg/kg) was given s.c. into the scruff of the neck of adult Sprague-Dawley rats. Capsaicin was administered in high, cumulative doses. A typical protocol includes one daily treatment with increasing doses on 5 consecutive days to achieve a total dose of 950 mg/kg. See SectionVIII.B.5 and B.6 for details and references.