Table 8

Parameters of [3H]RTX binding to VR in spinal cord of several species, including humans

SpeciesKdCooperativity IndexCapsaicinCapsazepine
pM Ki, μM Ki, μM
High (pM)-affinity  binding
 Rat (1–3)13–311.9–2.30.3–5.03.3–4.0
 Mouse (4)182.1N.D.N.D.
 Pig (5)882.39.76.8
Moderate (nM)-affinity  binding
 Human (6, 7)0.9–11.01.1–1.40.3–1.10.06–0.3
 Monkey (8)3,0001.017.03.0
 Guinea pig (7)5,0001.00.50.1
  • N.D., not determined. References indicated in parentheses: (1)Ács et al., 1994a; (2) Szallasi and Blumberg, 1993a; (3) Szallasi et al., 1993b; (4) Szallasi, 1994; (5) Ács and Blumberg, 1994; (6) Ács et al., 1994b; (7) Szallasi and Goso, 1994; (8) T. Biró and P.M. Blumberg, unpublished observations.