Table 9

Current clinical indications for use of topical capsaicin

Low-concentration capsaicin creams (0.025% or 0.075%) to relieve pain
 Postherpetic neuralgia
 Diabetic neuropathy
 Postmastectomy pain syndrome
 Stump pain
 Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
 Trigeminal neuralgia
 Oral neuropathic pain
 Rheumatoid arthritis
 Guillain-Barré syndrome
 Meralgia paraesthetica
 Burning mouth syndrome
High-concentration capsaicin creams (10%) to ameliorate pain
 Intractable pain due to bilateral peripheral neuropathy
Capsaicin creams to relieve itch
 Aquagenic pruritus
 Vulvar vestibulitis
 Notalgia paraesthetica
 Brachioradial pruritus
 Lichen simplex chronicus
Intranasal capsaicin drops (10 mM)
 Cluster headache
 Vasomotor rhinitis
 Perennial allergic rhinitis
Intravesical capsaicin solution (10 mM)
 Bladder hypersensitivity
 Spinal detrusor hyperreflexia
  • See section XII for references.