Table 8

Clinical efficacy of entacapone and tolcapone in single-dose studies (“levodopa test”) in patients with PD

COMT InhibitorPatientsDoseMethodIncrease in ON TimeIncrease in ON TimeReference
n mg min %
Entacapone19200Motor UPDRS3321 Ruottinen and Rinne, 1996a
Tapping test6281
12200Tapping test3527 Merello et al., 1994
13200Tapping test3640 Nutt et al., 1994
8Walking test7275
12200Motor UPDRS5439 Ruottinen and Rinne, 1996b
Tolcapone5–10100Motor5469 Roberts et al., 1993a
4–9100Motor6242 Davis et al., 1995b
10200Motor UPDRS6265 Limousin et al., 1995