Table 7

Effect of entacapone and tolcapone on AUC of 3-OMD in patients with PD

COMT InhibitorDose/DayTreatment DurationDecrease in 3-OMD AUCReference
mg %
Entacapone600–8001 wk44 Kaakkola et al., 1994b
800–12004 wk45 Ruottinen and Rinne, 1996b
800–20004 wk63 Ruottinen and Rinne, 1996c
12002 mo59 Nutt et al., 1994
800–20006 mo58 Parkinson Study Group, 1997
Tolcapone3006 wk66 Davis et al., 1997
6006 wk79 Davis et al., 1997
6007–8 wk79 Yamamoto et al., 1997