Table 2

Effects of various antihypertensive drugs on left ventricular gene expressions in SHR

AT1 Receptor AntagonistACE InhibitorCa2+ Channel Blockerα-Blockerα-Blocker + β-BlockerDiuretic
Drug (dosage in mg/kg/day)SC-52458 (30)Imidapril (5)Manidipine (3)Doxazosin (5)Doxazosin (5) + atenolol (200) M17055 (5)
Period7 days7 days7 days7 days7 days5 weeks
Decrease in blood pressure (mm Hg)283336333922–27
Skeletal α-actinNoNoNoNoNoNo
Collagen IYesYesNoNoYesNo
Collagen IIIYesYesNoNoYesYes
  • Yes, significant normalization of gene expression; no, failure of normalization of gene expression.