Table 1

Recent reviews on cannabinoid receptors or endogenous cannabinoids

Pharmacology, coupling, localization Howlett, 1995a,b;Pertwee, 1997; Felder and Glass, 1998; Ameri, 1999
Agonists and antagonists Barth and Rinaldi-Carmona, 1999; Pertwee, 1999
Signal transduction Howlett and Mukhopadhyay, 2000
Localization and function of CB1 receptors in the central nervous system Elphick and Egertov√°, 2001
Molecular biology Onaivi et al., 1996; Matsuda, 1997
Molecular modeling Reggio, 1999
Regulation of immune response, coupling Berdyshev, 2000; Cabral, 2001
Biochemistry and pharmacology of the endocannabinoids Mechoulam et al., 1998; Di Marzo et al., 1999; Martin et al., 1999; Palmer et al., 2000; Reggio and Traore, 2000
Behavioral effects of cannabinoids in animals Chaperon and Thiebot, 1999
Cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitter release Schlicker and Kathman, 2001
Cannabinoid receptors and pain Martin and Lichtman, 1998; Pertwee, 2001b
Therapeutic potential Pertwee, 2000b; Piomelli et al., 2000;Porter and Felder, 2001