Table 5

Summary of the established receptors for the calcitonin family of peptides with their recommended names, their molecular constituents, and the state of receptor characterization within native tissues; referenced within the text.

Recommended NameMolecular ConstituentsCharacterized in Native Tissues?
CGRP1 CL receptor+ RAMP1Yes
AM1 CL receptor + RAMP2Yes
AM2 CL receptor + RAMP3
CTCT receptorYes
AMY1 CT receptor + RAMP1Yes, but probably as a mixed population
AMY2 CT receptor + RAMP2Yes, but probably as a mixed population
AMY3 CT receptor+ RAMP3Yes, but probably as a mixed population
  • Formal naming of the CGRP2 receptor has been delayed until its molecular composition can be identified. In the event that this independent existence of this subtype cannot be confirmed, then the CGRP1 receptor will simply become the CGRP receptor.