Table 3

Recombinant BLT receptors in transfected cells and [3H]LTB4 binding

nM fmol/mg protein
Human BLT1 COS-70.154430 Yokomizo et al., 1997
Human BLT1 HEK2931.13.8 pmol/mg protein Yokomizo et al., 2001c
Human BLT1 COS-72.117 pmol/mg protein Owman et al., 1997
Mouse BLT1 CHO0.64NR Huang et al., 1998
Guinea pig BLT1 HEK2930.27425Masuda et al., 1999
Guinea pig BLT1 EBNA2930.49–12 pmol/mg proteinBoie et al., 1999
Rat BLT1 HEK2930.681245 Toda et al., 1999
Human BLT2 HEK29322.7925 Yokomizo et al., 2000
Human BLT2 COS-70.1770 Wang et al., 2000

[3H]LTB4 binding in transfected cells.K d and B max indicate affinity and receptor density, respectively. Values are mean data from the references indicated.

    • NR, not reported.