Table 7

CysLT1 antagonists: effects in human lung preparations

TissueAgonistsMK 571ICI 198,615BAYu9773
 BronchusLTC4 8.6–8.39.8–8.55.4
LTD4 8.8–8.59.2–8.26.8–6.2
 Pulmonary arteryLTC4 NSNSNS
 Pulmonary veinLTC4 NSNS6.7–5.8
LTD4 NSNS6.8–6.5
 Pulmonary arteryLTD4 NSNSND
 Pulmonary veinLTD4 NSNSND
  • The range of pK B values are shown. NS indicates no significant displacement of the concentration effect curves. ND indicates no data available. Numbers in parentheses are the pK B values derived from tissues (Walch et al., 2002) where the endothelium had been removed and the preparations treated with indomethacin. The other values are from references: Hay et al., 1987; Jones et al., 1989; Buckner et al., 1990; Labat et al., 1992; Ortiz et al., 1995; Gorenne et al., 1996; Bäck et al., 2000b.