Table 1

Nomenclature of the members of the CRF ligand and receptor family

Names in Current UsageIUPHAR ConsensusHUGO Gene NameChromosomal LocalizationSWISS-PROT Accession No.
Corticotropin-releasing factor;CRFCRHHuman 8q13.1HumanP06850
 corticotropin releasing hormoneMouse 3A2Rat P01143
UrocortinUrocortin 1UCNHuman 2p23.3Human P55089
Mouse 5B1Mouse P81615
Rat P55090
Urocortin II; urocortin-related peptide;Urocortin 2Human 3p21.31Human Q96RP3
 stresscopin-related peptideMouse Q99ML8
Rat Q91WW1
Urocortin III; stresscopinUrocortin 3Human Q969E3
Mouse Q924A4