Table 3

Reported RGS splice variants

Splice VariantsVariance/Potential FunctionReferences
No. ReportedmRNA/Protein
RGS33+ mRNA & proteinNuclear localization; apoptosis induction; Ephrin-B interactions Chatterjee et al., 1997; Dulin et al., 2000; Reif and Cyster, 2000;Mittmann et al., 2001
RGS5 De Vries et al., 2000
RGS62mRNANo known - vary C terminus to RGS domain Snow et al., 1999
RGS72mRNANo known Kim et al., 1999
RGS82mRNAVariant in testis, no known function Saitoh et al., 1997
RGS92mRNA & proteinEvectin interaction; phototransduction Zhang et al., 1999
RGS112mRNANo known Snow et al., 1998b
RGS1212+ mRNA & proteinLocalization; receptor interaction; self-regulation; cell cycle control Snow et al., 1998a; Chatterjee and Fisher, 2000b;
RGS142mRNA & protein (possible)No known Snow et al., 1997;Hollinger et al., 2001
RGS20/RGSZ1/Ret-RGS16mRNAN- and C-terminal differ, RGS-box same (ret-RGSd) Faurobert and Hurley, 1997;Barker, 2001