Table 3

Therapeutic gene delivery using polycation-based vectors with attachment to a targeting Tf

VectorsBiological EvaluationCommentsReferences
Tf-PEI/DNAA/J tumor-bearing mice100- to 500-fold gene expression in tumor Kircheis et al., 2001
Melanoma cell lines and miceSimilar transfection efficiencies as adenovirus in mice Wightman et al., 1999
Tumor bearing miceEfficient transfer gene in tumor and lung Kircheis et al., 1999
B16F10; Neuro2A; K562 cellsReduced transfection Ogris et al., 1998
Polymer-PLL-DNA-TfHuman K56215-fold increase in transfection and resistance to serum proteins Dash et al., 2000
32P-dCTP cellsRestricted to cytoplasmic Fisher et al., 2000
Tf-PEI-PEGylated DNATumor-bearing miceObservation of reporter gene expression with low toxicity Ogris et al., 1999
Tf-PLL/DNAHeLaSchiff's base linker gave higher transfection than disulfide linker SA/biotin linker enhance transfer Schoeman et al., 1995; Uike et al., 1998
HeLa cells; WI-38; MRC-5; KB; CFT1Adenovirus enhance gene transfer Cotten et al., 1992;Curiel et al., 1991
K562Other polycations promoted transfection; chloroquine increases gene transfer; monension blocks transfection Cotten et al., 1990;Wagner et al., 1990, 1991
Hematopoietic HD3Gene transfer occurred and enhanced by chloroquine Zenker et al., 1990
A549; BNL; CL.2; H225; NIH 3T3; Rat-1Glycerol-enhanced transfection Zauner et al., 1996
HL-60Inhibition of cell proliferation Citro et al., 1992
Tf-PLL/DNA lipidMyogenic cellsServe as a potential skeletal muscle vector Feero et al., 1997
Tf-PNA/DNAMyogenic cellsPEI required to enhance transfection Liang et al., 2000
Adenovirus-Tf-PLL/DNAHeLa; BNL CL.2 cells100% transfection in both adenovirus or TfR-rich cells Wagner et al., 1992
Autologous rabbit jugular vein segmentsIn vivo gene therapy is likely Kupfer et al., 1994
Canine hemophilia B; canine epithelial cellsOver 50% transfection efficiencies Lozier et al., 1994