Table 4

Delivery of therapeutics to the brain by coupling with the OX26 vector

TherapeuticsMethod of PreparationBiological EvaluationSpecial RemarksReferences
VIPaAvidin/biotinRat brainEffective by 65% increase in cerebral blood flow Bickel et al., 1993
PNASA/biotinRat brain28-fold increased uptake after coupling the OX26-SA Pardridge et al., 1995
DaunomycinPEG-liposomeRat brainExpanding the loading by using PEG-liposome Huwyler et al., 1996
BDNFPEG-SA/biotin3T3-TrB cell; rat brain2-fold increased uptake compared with small molecule; neuroprotective effect in brain Pardridge et al., 1998; Wu and Pardridge, 1999
Rat brain (MCAO)Reduce in cortical stroke volume Zhang and Pardridge, 2001a,b
Antisense ODNs, PNASA/biotinAlzeheimer and HIV model; Rat brainIncreased cellular uptake ODNs in vitro; plasma protein inhibited the transport in vivo Boado et al., 1998
GenesPEG-liposomeRat brainWide spread gene expression in the central nervous system Shi and Pardridge, 2000
Antisense 16-mer PNAAvidin/biotinRat brain with tumorsGene expression in the brain in vivo can be used in antisense imaging Shi et al., 2000
NGFChemically linkedRat brainPrevent degeneration of central NGF-responsive neurons Kordower et al., 1994