Sex differences in urinary excretion of egualen sodium in rats a

Parameter Total Radioactivity after Oral Administration Unchanged Drug after Oral Administration Total Metabolites after Oral Administration
    Cmax 43.2 μg/ml 34.2 μg/ml 11.3 μg/mlc
    AUC 540 μg·h/ml 397 μg eq·h/ml 143 μg·h/mld
    Urinary excretion 57.4%a 2.1%b 52.2%e
    Cmax 38.7 μg/ml 36.7 μg/ml 2.6 μg/mlc
    AUC 353 μg·h/ml 326 μg·h/ml 27 μg·h/mld
    Urinary excretion 70.4%a 39.5%b 29.9%e
  • AUC, area under the curve.

  • a Oral dose of 20 mg/kg [14C]egualen sodium. All values are means expressed as micrograms of egualen equivalents (adapted from Sato et al., 2000). Values with the same superscript letter are significantly different, p < 0.01