Human B1 and B2 receptor nomenclature

International Union of Pharmacology (IUPHAR) name B1 B2
IUPHAR code 2.1:BK:1:B1:HUMAN:00 2.1:BK:2:B2:HUMAN:00
Alternate names Bradykinin B1 Bradykinin B2
Amino acid composition 353 391a
Gene/chromosome BDKRB1/14q32.2 BDKRB2/14q32.2
Gene accession no. U12512 M88714
SwissProt accession no. P46663 P30411
Selective agonist Lys-des-Arg9-BK BK
Selective antagonist Lys-[Leu8]des-Arg9-BK Icatibant
Primary G protein coupling q/Gαi q/Gαi
Primary regulation
   Expression Induction Constitutive
   Signaling Limited desensitization Extensive desensitization
  • a Includes N-terminal sequence coded in exon 2 (27 residues; AbdAlla et al., 1996a)