KV9.1 channels

Channel name KV9.11,2,3,4
Description Modifier/silencer
Other names None
Molecular information Human: 526 aa, NM_002251, chr. 20q12, KCNS1, GeneID: 3787, PMID: 104843283
Mouse: 497 aa, NM_008435, chr. 2
Rat: 497 aa, NM_053954, chr. 3q42
Associated subunits Coassembles with KV2 family channels
Functional assays Voltage-clamp
Current None established
Conductance Not functional on its own
Ion selectivity Not functional on its own
Activation Not functional on its own
Inactivation Not functional on its own
Activators None
Gating inhibitors None
Blockers None
Radioligands None
Channel distribution Infant brain, adult brain (frontal cortex), lens epithelium, melanocytes (in mouse brain, the distribution of KV9.1 is similar to KV9.2, with highest expression levels in the main olfactory bulb, cerebral cortex, hippocampal formation, habenula, basolateral amygdaloid nuclei, and cerebellum; KV9.1 and KV9.2 are colocalized with KV2.1 and/or KV2.2 α subunits in several regions)
Physiological functions Regulation of membrane potential and action potential frequency by modulation of delayed rectifier potassium current; modulates the activity of KV2.1 and KV2.2 α subunits by changing kinetics and levels of expression and by shifting the half-inactivation potential to more polarised values; KV9.1 enhances the single-channel conductance of KV2.1
Mutations and pathophysiology Not established
Pharmacological significance Not established
Comments The human KV9.1 gene is composed of a minimum of 5 exons, with at least 2 alternatively spliced exons in the 5′-untranslated region3
  • aa, amino acids; chr., chromosome.

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