TRPV5 channel

Channel name TRPV51,2,3,4,5
Description Calcium-selective TRP channel
Other names ECaC1, CaT2
Molecular information Human unigene: Hs0.283369, chr. 7q35
Mouse unigene: Mm0.135734, chr. 6 B1
Associated subunits NHERF, S100 protein, TRPV6
Functional assays Patch-clamp, calcium imaging
Current Inwardly rectifying, calcium-sensitive cation channel
Conductance 75pS in calcium-free solution
Erev in saline solution >50 mV
Ion selectivity Ca2+ > Ba2+ > Sr2+ > Mn2+; PNa/PCa = 1:107
Activation Mechanism not established, constitutively active
Inactivation Not established
Activators None
Gating inhibitors None
Blockers Ruthenium red (100 nM), La3+
Radioligands None
Channel distribution Intestine, kidney, placenta
Physiological functions Not established
Mutations and pathophysiology D542 is crucial for calcium sensitivity
Pharmacological significance Not established
Comments One of only two known TRP channels (with TRPV6) that is relatively highly Ca2+-selective
  • chr., chromosome; NHERF, Na+/H+ exchange regulatory factor.

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