K2P4.1 channels

Channel name K2P4.1
Description Two-pore domain potassium channel subunit; open rectifier
Other names KCNK4, TRAAK
Molecular information Human: 393aa, NM_016611, chr. 11q13, KCNK4,1 GeneID: 50801, PMID: 107674091
Rat: 397aa, NM_053804, kcnk4
Mouse: 398aa, NM_008431, chr. 19, kcnk4
Associated subunits Not established
Functional assays Electrophysiological2
Current Open rectifier
Conductance 46pS
Ion selectivity Not established
Activation See “Comments”
Inactivation See “Comments”
Activators Arachidonic acid (10 mM),3 mechanical stress,4 heat6 (see “Comments”), unsaturated fatty acids,3 lysopholipids,7 riluzole8
Gating inhibitors None
Blockers Gd+
Radioligands None
Channel distribution Brain,5 kidney, small intestine, placenta, prostate
Physiological functions Not established
Mutations and pathophysiology Not established
Pharmacological significance Not established
Comments Activation and deactivation with voltage steps seem to be instantaneous; knockout mice have no obvious phenotype9; the open probability of K2P4 increases with temperature with an activation threshold of 31°C in COS-7 cells
  • aa, amino acids; chr., chromosome.

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