TRPC3 channel

Channel name TRPC31,2,3,4,5,6
Description Diacylglycerol-Ca2+-activated TRP channel
Other names mTRPC3
Molecular information Human unigene: Hs0.150981, chr. 4q27
Mouse unigene: Mm0.74363, chr. 3
Associated subunits TRPC6, TRPC7, FKBP12, VAMP2, syntaxin, SNAP, NCX1, TrkB
Functional assays Patch-clamp, calcium imaging
Current Inwardly and outwardly rectifying, nonselective cation current
Conductance 66pS2
Ion selectivity PNa/PCa = 1:1.5
Activation Intracellular Ca2+
Inactivation Not established
Activators Activated either by DAG or direct interaction with the IP3 receptor in vitro; activated through a BDNF, TrkB-mediated pathway in neurons
Gating inhibitors None
Blockers 2-APB, 1–25 μM Gd3+, La3+, RuR
Radioligands None
Channel distribution Brain, placenta, heart, muscle, smooth muscle
Physiological functions Resistance artery myogenic tone, airway regulation
Mutations and pathophysiology Not established
Pharmacological significance Not established
Comments DAG response is PKC-independent
  • chr., chromosome; TrkB, tyrosine kinase B; BDNF, brain-derived neurotrophic factor; RuR, ruthenium red.

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