TRPC4 channel

Channel name TRPC41,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Description TRP receptor-operated channel
Other names TRP4, CCE1, bCCE
Molecular information Human unigene: Hs0.262960, chr. 13q13.1-q13.2
Mouse unigene: Mm0.10100, chr. 3
Associated subunits Forms homomeric channels in mouse; TRPC1, TRPC5
Functional assays Patch-clamp, calcium imaging
Current Nonselective, largely inward, double rectification
Conductance 41pS; unclear as homomer; estimates range from 18 to 40pS
Ion selectivity PNa/PCa = 1:1.1,2 1:73
Activation Activation of Gq-coupled receptors is known to activate TRPC4 current through activation of PLCβ
Inactivation Not established
Activators La3+ (100 μM) augments current
Gating inhibitors None
Blockers 2-APB, mM La3+, niflumic acid
Radioligands None
Channel distribution Brain, testis, placenta, adrenal gland, endothelium
Physiological functions Mediates agonist-dependent vasorelaxation in vascular endothelium
Mutations and pathophysiology Impaired agonist-dependent vasorelaxation in TRPC4 –/– mice
Pharmacological significance Possibly involved in signaling complexes
Comments Coexpression with TRPC1 or TRPC5 results in a novel NMDA-like voltage-dependent channel
  • chr., chromosome; NMDA, N-methyl-d-aspartate.

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