TRPC5 channel

Channel name TRPC51,2,3,4,5,6,7
Description TRP receptor-operated channel
Other names TRP5, CCE2
Molecular information Human unigene: Hs0.247868, chr. Xq23
Mouse unigene: Mm0.328378, chr. X
Associated subunits Forms heteromultimers with TRPC1 and TRPC4
Functional assays Patch-clamp, calcium imaging
Current Nonselective, double rectification
Conductance ∼38pS as homomer, ∼5pS as TRPC1/C5 heteromer
Ion selectivity PNa/PCa = 1:9,1 1:1.82
Activation Stimulation of Gq-coupled receptors, receptor tyrosine kinases
Inactivation Not established
Activators Activation of Gq-coupled receptors is known to activate TRPC5 current through activation of PLCγ; La3+ (100 μM) augments current
Gating inhibitors None
Blockers mM La3+, 2-APB
Radioligands None
Channel distribution Brain, lung, placenta, testis
Physiological functions Not established
Mutations and pathophysiology Not established
Pharmacological significance Not established
Comments Channel properties of heteromeric TRPC1/TRPC4 or TRPC1/TRPC5 are distinct from those of TRPC4 or TPRC5 homomers; rapid insertion of vesicles in growth cones; regulator of neurite morphology
  • chr., chromosome; RTK, receptor tyrosine kinase.

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