CatSper1 channel

Channel name CatSper1
Description Putative voltage-gated cation-selective ion channel subunit
Other names CatSper1
Molecular information Human unigene: Hs0.189105: AF407333; chr. 11q12.1
Mouse unigene: Mm0.87321: AF407332; mouse chr. 19 A
Associated subunits None reported
Functional assays Calcium imaging, patch-clamp of sperm cells2
Current Ca2+-selective, voltage-dependent; potentiated at pH 82
Conductance Not established
Ion selectivity Ca2+-selective2
Activation Voltage-gated, increasing pH shifts activation voltage to more hyperpolarized potentials2
Inactivation Not established
Activators Increased pH2
Gating inhibitors Not established
Blockers Not established
Radioligands None
Channel distribution Mature sperm cells
Physiological functions CatSper1 is essential for the hyperactivation of sperm motility, which is required for sperm cell fertility
Mutations and pathophysiology Not established
Pharmacological significance Not established
  • chr., chromosome.

  • 1. Ren D, Navarro B, Perez G, Jackson AC, Hsu S, Shi Q, Tilly JL, and Clapham DE (2001) A sperm ion channel required for sperm motility and male fertility. Nature (Lond) 413:603-609

  • 2. Kirichok Y, Navarro B, and Clapham DE (2006) Whole-cell patch clamp measurements of spermatazoa reveal an alkaline-activated Ca2+ channel. Nature (Lond.), in press