CNGA2 channels

Channel name CNGA21,2,3
Description Cyclic nucleotide-gated cation channel A subunit
Other names CNG2, CNGa3, OCNC1
Molecular information Human: 664aa, NM_005140, NP_005131, chr. Xq27
Rat: 664aa, NM_012928, NP_037060, chr. Xq37
Mouse: 664aa, NM_007724, NP_031750, chr. X A6
Associated subunits CNGB1b, CNGA4 (olfactory CNG channel: 2 CNGA2: 1 CNGA4:1 CNGB1b)
Functional assays Patch-clamp, calcium imaging
Current Cyclic nucleotide-activated current
Conductance 35pS (in calcium-free solution)
Ion selectivity Ca2+ > K+ ∼ Na+
Activation Not established
Inactivation Not established
Activators cGMP > cAMP
Gating modifiers Ca2+-calmodulin
Blockers Pseudechetoxin
Radioligands None
Channel distribution Olfactory neurones, hippocampus, some other neurones
Physiological functions Olfactory transduction
Mutations and pathophysiology Not established in humans
Pharmacological significance Not established
  • aa, amino acids; chr., chromosome.

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