Receptor nomenclature NR1A2
Receptor code 4.10.1:TH:B1
Other names THRB, c-erbAβ
Molecular information Hs: 461aa, P10828, chr. 3p24.31
Rn: 461aa, P18113, chr. 15p162
Mm: 461aa, P37242, chr. 14 A33
DNA binding
   Structure Homodimer, heterodimer, RXR partner
   HRE core sequence AGGTCA (DR-4, palindrome)
Agonists TRIAC (20 pM), GC-1* (67 pM), T3 (81 pM), T4 (3 nM), reverse T3 (46 nM) [Kd]46
Antagonists NH3 (93 nM) [Kd]6
Coactivators NCOA1, NCOA2, NCOA3, PPARBP710
Corepressors NCOR1, NCOR211,12
Biologically important isoforms Trβ1 {Hs, Mm, Rn}: main isoform in most cases; Trβ2 {Hs, Mm, Rn}: alternative promoter usage, N-terminal variant13; Trβ3 {Rn}: alternative promoter usage and splicing14; TRδβ3 {Rn}: alternative promoter usage and splicing14
Tissue distribution Liver, heart, several brain areas {Hs, Mm, Rn} [Northern blot, Q-PCR]15
Functional assays Type 1 deiodinase expression in the liver {Mm}16
Main target genes Activated: Dio1 {Mm}16; repressed: Tshb {Mm}17
Mutant phenotype Deafness, color perception, elevated T3 level {Mm} [knockout]1822; deafness, elevated T3 level, cerebellum development {Mm} [knockin]17,23,24; resistance to thyroid hormone {Mm} [point mutation]25
Human disease Resistance to thyroid hormones
  • aa, amino acids; chr., chromosome; Q-PCR, quantitative polymerase chain reaction; PPARBP, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor binding protein

  • * Radioligand

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