Receptor nomenclature NR2F6
Receptor code 4.10.1:OR:2:F6
Other names
Molecular information Hs: 403aa, P10588, chr0.19p131
Rn: 390aa, O09017, chr. 16p14
Mm: 389aa, P43136, chr. 8 B3.32
DNA binding
   Structure Homodimer, heterodimer
   HRE core sequence AGGTCA n AGGTCA (DR-1)
Partners TRβ (physical, functional): heterodimerization with TRβ 1 inhibits TRβ 1 binding to its response element3; COUP-TFII (physical, functional): DNA binding4; CBFA2 (physical, functional): interaction with CBFA2 inhibits activity of CBFA25; ERα (physical)3; GR (physical)3
Coactivators NCOA13
Biologically important isoforms
Tissue distribution Developmental: liver; adult: placenta, heart, muscle, pancreas, kidney, but not in the lung or brain—also expressed in myeloid progenitor cells and epithelial cells {Hs, Mm} [Northern blot, in situ hybridization, immunohistology]16
Functional assays
Main target genes Repressed: renin {Mm},7 LH receptor {Hs, Mm, Rn},8 GRIK5 {Hs, Mm, Rn},9 oxytocin {Hs, Mm, Rn}6
Mutant phenotype EAR2-null mice exhibit defects in the development of the locus coeruleus and in circadian behaviors and circadian gene expression {Mm} [knockout]9
Human disease
  • aa, amino acids; chr., chromosome; HRE, hormone response element; GR, glucocorticoid receptor; LH, luteinizing hormone

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