Effects of cannabinoid CB1 and/or CB2 receptor agonists on noncannabinoid established G protein-coupled receptors

See Section III.C for references and further details.

Receptor and EffectEndocannabinoid(s)?Effective Concentration RangeNonendogenous Cannabinoid Agonist(s)?Effective Concentration Range
Radioligand binding (↓)
    Opioid (μ- and δ-)N.D.N.D.YesaMicromolar
    Acetylcholine (muscarinic)Yesa,bMicromolarYesa,cMicromolar
    Adenosine A3YesaMicromolarNoMicromolar
    5-HT1 or 5-HT2CYesdMicromolarYesMicromolar
Radioligand binding (↑)
    Acetylcholine (muscarinic)Yesa,bMicromolarYesa,cMicromolar
    Adrenoceptors (β-)N.D.N.D.YesaMicromolar
  • N.D., no data.

  • a May target an allosteric site on this receptor.

  • b Also R-(+)-methanandamide.

  • c Only R-(+)-methanandamide.

  • d Also 5-HT2A and 5-HT2B.