Phenotypes of mice with altered class Frizzled receptor expression

FZD1UnknownViablevan Amerongen and Berns, 2006
FZD2UnknownViablevan Amerongen and Berns, 2006
FZD3FZD3(−/−)Postnatally lethal, Severe defects in major axon tracts within the forebrainWang et al, 2002
Anterior-posterior guidance of commissural axonsLyuksyutova et al, 2003
FZD3(−/−), FZD6(−/−)Severe midbrain morphogenesis defectStuebner et al, 2010
FZD4FZD4(−/−)Cerebellar, auditory, and esophageal dysfunctionWang et al, 2001
FZD4(−/−)Infertility and impaired corpora lutea formation and functionHsieh et al, 2005
Fz4CKOAP/−;Tie2-Cre (endothelium)Defects in vascular growth, endothelial defectsYe et al, 2009b
FZD5FZD5(−/−)Embryonically lethal, essential for yolk sac and placental angiogenesisIshikawa et al, 2001
Fz5LoxP/LoxP-K19Cre (intestinal epithelium)Paneth cell phenotypevan Es et al, 2005
Fz5CKO-AP/lacZ;Sox2-Cre and Fz5CKO-AP/lacZ;R26-CreERNeuronal survival, ocular development and late onset retinal degenerationLiu and Nathans, 2008; Liu et al, 2008a
FZD6Fz6(−/−) nlacZHair patterning, tissue polarityGuo et al, 2004
FZD7UnknownViablevan Amerongen and Berns, 2006
FZD8UnknownViablevan Amerongen and Berns, 2006
FZD9FZD9(−/−)Abnormal B cell development, moderately reduced lifespan, splenomegaly, and accelerated thymic atrophyRanheim et al, 2005
FZD9(−/−) IRES lacZDevelopmental neuroanatomical defects in hippocampus and visuospatial learning deficits (comparable to Williams syndrome)Zhao et al, 2005
FZD10van Amerongen and Berns, 2006
SMOSMO(−/−)Embryonically lethal, defects in L/R patterningZhang et al, 2001