Some genetically modified animals useful to delineate adenosine receptor functions

Gene TargetedCommentReferences
AdoRA1Major portion of coding exon 2 + ∼5 kb adjacent 3′ genomic seq; not lethal.Johansson et al., 2001
3′ portion of coding exon 1 + intron 5′ portion of coding exon 2, not lethalSun et al., 2001
AdoRA2AEntire coding exon 2, not lethalLedent et al., 1997
3′ portion of coding exon 2 ∼1.0 kb immediate intron seq, not lethalChen et al., 1999, 2001a
AdoRA2BReplacement of exon 1 of the A2BAR with a reporter construct containing the β-gal gene; not lethal.Yang et al., 2006
Replacement of part of the intron and the entirety of exon 2 (amino acids 113–332) with a marker gene; not lethal.Hua et al., 2007b
AdoRA3Entire coding exon 1 + 7.5 kb immediate intron seq; not lethalSalvatore et al., 2000
Adenosine kinaseIn frame insertion at exon amino acid Gly169-Thr225; die at P4Boison et al., 2002
Adenosine deaminaseIn frame insertion at exon 5; perinatal death Die at 3 weeks after trophoblast rescueBlackburn et al., 1998
CD39Part of exon 1; not lethal.Enjyoji et al., 1999
CD73Entire exon 3 + intronic sequences; not lethal.Thompson et al., 2004
Entire exon 2; not lethal.Koszalka et al., 2004
  • kb, kilobase(s).