NHERF effects on PTHR signaling

Cell typeNHERF IsoformEffectReference
PS120NHERF1/2Increased PLC activityMahon et al., 2002
Increased Gαi and decreased adenylyl cyclase activity
ROSNHERF1Increased PLC activity and cAMP and Ca2+ accumulationWheeler et al., 2008
Renal tubule cellsNHERF1Increased PLC activityCunningham et al., 2005
No changes in cAMP accumulationCapuano et al., 2007
CHO-N10-R3NHERF1No changes in cAMP accumulationWang et al., 2007
Decreased ERK1/2 stimulationWang et al., 2008
OKNHERF1/2Increased PLC activityMahon and Segre, 2004
Increased Ca2+ accumulation
HEK293NHERF1/2NHERF1: increased Gαq activity and Ca2+ accumulationWang et al., 2010
NHERF2: increased Gαq and Gαi and decreases Gαs activity
Increased Ca2+ and decreases cAMP accumulation