Chemokine nomenclature and key immunoregulatory functions

Standard NameCommon AliasesAccession NumberKey Immunoregulatory Functions
CXCL1GROα, MGSA Mouse: KCP09341P12850Neutrophil trafficking
CXCL2Groβ; MIP-2α Mouse: MIP-2P19875P10889Neutrophil trafficking
CXCL3Groγ; MIP-2β,P19876Q6W5C0Neutrophil trafficking
CXCL4Platelet Factor-4P02776Q9Z126Procoagulant
CXCL5ENA-78P42830P50228Neutrophil trafficking
Mouse: LIX
CXCL6GCP-2P80162NANeutrophil trafficking
CXCL7NAP-2P02775Q9EQI5Neutrophil trafficking
CXCL8IL-8P10145NANeutrophil trafficking
CXCL9MigQ07325P18340Th1 immune response
CXCL10γIP-10P02778P17515Th1 immune response
CXCL11I-TACO14625Q8R392Th1 immune response
CXCL12SDF-1α aP48061P40224Myelopoiesis; B lymphopoiesis;
HPC, neutrophil homing to marrow
CXCL13BLCO43927O55038B and T-cell trafficking in lymphoid tissue
CXCL14BRAKO95715Q6AXC2Macrophage migration
Cxcl15lungkineNAQ9WVL7Neutrophil trafficking
CXCL16SR-PSOXQ9H2A7Q8BSU2NKT cell trafficking and survival
CXCL17Q6UXB2Q8R3U6Mo and DC chemotaxis
CCL1I-309P22362P10146Th2 response
CCL2MCP-1P13500P10148Innate immunity
Mouse: JETh2 response
CCL3MIP-1αP10147P10855T cell and monocyte/macrophage trafficking
CCL3L1P16619P10855Innate immunity
CCL3L3P16619Th1 and Th2 immune responses
CCL4MIP-1βP13236P14097T/DC interaction
CCL4L1Q8NHW4NAHIV suppression
CCL5RANTESP13501P30882innate and adaptive immunity
Ccl6C10, MRP-1NAP27784ND
CCL7MCP-3P80098Q03366Th2 immune response
CCL8MCP-2P80075Q9Z121Th2 immune response
Ccl9MRP-2, MIP-1γNAP51670ND
CCL10 (reserved)NANANA
CCL11EotaxinP51671P48298Th2 immune response
Ccl12Mcp-5NAQ62401Eo, Ba, MC trafficking, and degranulation
CCL16HCC-4O15467NADC maturation factor
CCL17TARCQ92583Q9WUZ6Th2 immune response
CCL18PARCP55774NADC attraction of T and B cells
CCL19ELCQ99731O70460T cell and DC homing to lymph node
CCL20MIP-3α, LARCP78556O89093GALT development
B and DC homing to GALT
Th17 immune response
IgA humoral response in gut
CCL21SLCO00585P84444T cell and DC homing to lymph node
CCL22MDCO00626O88430Th2 immune response
CCL24Eotaxin-2O00175Q9JKC0Eo migration
CCL25TECKO15444O35903Thymocyte migration
Homing of memory T cells to gut
CCL26Eotaxin-3Q9Y258Q5C9Q0Th2 immune response
CCL27CTACKQ9Y4X3Q9Z1X0Homing of T cells to skin
CCL28MECQ9NRJ3Q9JIL2Homing of T cells to mucosal surfaces
XCL1Lymphotactin αP47992P47993Ag cross-presentation by CD8+ DCs
XCL2Lymphotactin βQ9UBD3NAAg cross-presentation by CD8+ DCs
CX3CL1FractalkineP78423O35188NK, Monocyte, MΦ and Th1 cell migration
  • a Stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) α, β, γ, δ, ε and θ are splice variants of the same human gene. IP-10, interferon-induced protein of 10 kDa; I-TAC, interferon-inducible T-cell α-chemoattractant; PF, platelet factor; TECK, thymus expressed chemokine; Ag, antigen; Ba, basophil; Eo, eosinophil; GALT, gut-associated lymphoid tissue; GCP, granulocyte chemotactic protein; HPC, hematopoietic progenitor cell; Mo, monocyte; MΦ, macrophage; MC, mast cell; NA, not applicable; NAP, neutrophil-activating protein; ND, not determined; Th1, type 1 helper T cells.