ASIC structures

All crystal structures were obtained from chicken ASIC1. The structures 2QTS and 3HGC (4NYK) likely represent the desensitized state, whereas the other structures represent the open state. 2QTS, 3S3W, 4FZ0, and 4FZ1 display a continuous TM2 segment, whereas in 4NYK (reinterpretation of 3HGC) and 4NTW the TM2 is split in two parts by the selectivity filter GAS motif.

PDB IDConstructComplex withpHResolutionSymmetryFunctionReference
2QTSN and C terminus truncated5.61.9∼3-fold, except in TM partNonfunctionalJasti et al., 2007
3HGCa (4NYK)C terminus truncated6.53.03-foldFunctionalGonzales et al., 2009
3S3XN and C terminus truncatedPcTx15.53.0∼3-fold, except in TM partNonfunctionalDawson et al., 2012
4FZ0Truncation of 13 N-terminal and 63 C-terminal residuesPcTx15.52.8∼3-fold, except in TM partFunctional, Na+-selective and amiloride-inhibited at pH 5.5Baconguis and Gouaux, 2012
4FZ1PcTx17.253.33-foldFunctional, nonselective, and amiloride-resistant at pH 7.25Baconguis and Gouaux, 2012
4NTWbMitTx5.52.13-foldFunctional, Na+-selective, amiloride-inhibitedBaconguis et al., 2014
  • a Electron density of this crystal was reinterpreted in the transmembrane segment, available under PDB ID 4NYK; a structure was also obtained from these crystals soaked in Cs+.

  • b Structures from this crystal were also obtained soaked in Cs+ (2.6 Å, 4NTY) or in amiloride (2.3 Å, 4NTX).