Animal models with alterations in an Mrgpr

Name/Affected MrgprGenetic AlterationReferencesPhenotype Described
mMas-KOKnockout mouseWalther et al., 1998+
rMas-KOKnockout rat (generated with zinc finger nucleases)
rMas-opsin-TGTransgenic mouse with rMas gene under opsin promoter controlXu et al., 2000+
mMrgprA1, A2, A3, A4, A10, A12, A14, A16, A19, B4, B5, C11 KOKnockout mouse for gene clusterLiu et al., 2009+
mMrgprA1-tetO-TGTransgenic mouse with mMrgprA1 gene under tet operator control; Fiacco et al., 2007+
mMrgprA2-KOKnockout mouse
mMrgprA3-CreTransgenic mouse with Cre-recombinase inserted in mMrgprA3-BACHan et al., 2013+
mMrgprB4-PLAPKnockin of placental alkaline phosphatase, knockoutLiu et al., 2007+
mMrgprB4- eGFPf -2A-FlpKnockin of Farnesyl-enhanced GFP-2A-Flp-recombinase, knockoutVrontou et al., 2013+
mMrgprB4- tdTomato-2A-NLSCreKnockin of tdTomato-2A-Cre-recombinase, knockoutVrontou et al., 2013+
mMrgprD-KOKnockout mouse
mMrgprD-DTA-IRES- eGFPfDiphtheria-toxin A and Farnesyl-enhanced GFP knockin mouse, knockoutCavanaugh et al., 2009+
mMrgprD-DTR-IRES- eGFPfDiphtheria-toxin receptor and Farnesyl-enhanced GFP knockin mouse, knockoutCavanaugh et al., 2009+
mMrgprD-eGFP-CreeGFP-Cre-recombinase knockin mouse, knockoutRau et al., 2009+
mMrgprDΔ-eGFPfFarnesyl-enhanced GFP knockin mouse, knockoutZylka et al., 2005+
mMrgprD-eGFPfIRES-Farnesyl-enhanced GFP knockin mouse, no knockoutZylka et al., 2005+
mMrgprDΔ-PLAPKnockin of placental alkaline phosphatase, knockoutZylka et al., 2005+
mMrgprDΔ-ChR2-VenusKnockin of channel rhodopsin-Venus, knockoutWang and Zylka, 2009+
mMrgprE-KOKnockout mouseCox et al., 2008+
mMrgprF-KOKnockout mouse
mMrgprG-KOKnockout mouse
mMrgprH-KOKnockout mouse
mMrgprx1-KOKnockout mouse
hMRGPRX3-actin-TGTransgenic rat with hMRGPRX3 gene under chicken actin promoter controlKaisho et al., 2005+
  • DTA, diphtheria-toxin A; DTR, diphtheria-toxin receptor; GFP, green fluorescent protein; IRES, internal ribosomal entry site; PLA, phospholipase A.