Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of the placebo response (pooled PR, percent) in RCTs in various diseases in internal medicine

Note that this list is incomplete, as it reports only the meta-analysis with the largest number of studies included for the given disease.

StudyN*DiseasePR Is Higher with… **
Ilnyckyj et al., 199738Ulcerative colitishigher number of visits
Su et al., 200421Crohn’s Diseaselonger study duration
Ford et al., 201073IBSEuropean studies
Talley et al., 20064*FDinconsistent symptoms
de Craen et al., 1999a79Duodenal ulcers#higher application frequency
Cremonini et al., 201024Reflux diseasenonerosive reflux disease
Thijs et al., 19901*Hypertensionolder age
Cho et al., 200529CFShigh intervention intensity
Freeman et al., 19992*PMSyounger age
Lamel et al., 201231Psoriasishigher drug probability
Narkus et al., 20136Allergysubcutaneous administration
Wang et al., 201234Asthmalower baseline severity
  • CFS, chronic fatigue syndrome; FD, functional dyspepsia; PMS, premenstrual syndrome; PR, placebo response.

  • * Indicates availability of individual patient data; number of RCTs included into analysis.

  • ** Only the most influential variable listed.